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Deportations of asylum seekers in Carinthia

carinthiaCarinthias prime minister Jörg Haider has a serious problem with asylum seekers.

Already some years ago he declared that he don’t want to take the commanded amount he received from the government in Vienna.

Now he started to deport the unpopular refugees from his federal state to the federal province of Lower Austria.

In the past days Haider already tried to realize two deportations. The first one was stopped by the police on the way between Carinthia and Styria. The second one was completed, because the transport was processed under absolute secrecy.

When the interior ministry heard about the second succeeded deportation, some of the asylum seekers were brought back to Carinthia again.

Now one of the leading persons of the Catholic church in Austria raises his voice against such unfair practices. Caritas manager Michael Landau talks about “a damage on the constitutional state of Austria.”

Also the female Interior Minister Maria Fekter (Peoples Party) is not happy with the situation. “Carinthia should keep its asylum seekers”, is her solution of the problem.

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