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After 19 years: freedom for “killer nurses”

hospital19 years instead of life imprisonment. The two so called “killer nurses” are happy about an unexpected release from prison.

In April 1989 both women were arrested and accused of killing 20 patients in the Viennese hospital “Lainz”.

It turned out that they have killed their patients by “mouth care”, infusions, and injections, if the people in need of care were annoying to them.

Now the court has mercy with the killers. Next month they are allowed to leave the prison and live in freedom again.

It’s not known if both women, today 49 and 46 years old, are allowed to work in a hospital again.

Ein Kommentar zu “After 19 years: freedom for “killer nurses””

  1. Saskia

    THEY KILLED MY GREAT GRANDPA and 20 other innocent people!!! They should burn in hell!

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