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Police operation after farmer caught fiance having sex

police austria austrianA 25-year-old Lower Austrian farmer caught his 20-year-old fiance having sexual intercourse with a 40-year-old man.

While the farmer was repairing his car with some friends, the secret lover of his fiance went into the farm to make love with her on the attic.

When the farmer caught his girl in the act of love, he was quite upset and started to beat up his rival in a very rude and brutal way.

The 40-year-old “sex god” was able to escape with heavy injuries in another room, and locked himself up. Now the fantasy began to rise in the head of the cuckold.

He called the police and told that somebody has raped his girl with a gun and locked himself in a room of his farm, shooting out of the window. In such cases the police is coming with a task force. Heavily armed warriors who expect the worst.

The police was able to release the 40-year-old loverman without being more hurt by the 25-year-old farmer. Of course police found no gun. Also the 20-year-old finance explained that she was not raped. It was her free will to have sex with the 40-year-old.

It was told some rubbernecks had a good laugh. Indeed the story sounds like one of those funny stage plays from the countryside.

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