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Racism in Tirol: taxi driver vs German TV presenter

racismA racist attack is reported from the famous Tirolean holiday destination of Ischgl.

The victim was a German TV presenter. A local taxi driver said a racist word to him. Maybe it was the offensive word “Piefke”, which is a depreciative expression in Austria for someone from Germany.

This is only a supposition, because more details about the racist insult are not known.

The reaction of the insulted TV presenter from Germany was clear and direct. He knocked the taxi driver down, and damaged his car.

The impulsive TV presenter was reported to the police. His TV station knows about the incident. “We are against racism and understand the reaction of our colleague”, says the spokesman of the TV station. The spokesman confirmed that the powerful TV presenter does not have to fear to lose his job.

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9 Kommentare zu “Racism in Tirol: taxi driver vs German TV presenter”

  1. sammy


    So the Austrians have used all types of racism methods against all kinds and people…now they want to use it against Germans..?
    i think they need help…

  2. Analyst

    One man said one wrong word, and you are talking about “the Austrians” and “their methods against all kinds and people”. lol I think you need help, man. ­čÖé

  3. bunmi

    it is indeed laughable to see the kettle calling the pot black.i imagine how many nose will be bloody everyday when you consider the number of times you hear the word”niggeror”or !nigger rus”often used against black people in Austria,Thanks to the euro cup championship,that has made the authorities clean out this rasict comments as often conspicously written in the strsse bahns and corners around vienna.prejudise,xynophobia and rasicm should be condemmed by all.

  4. suzy

    Austrians do need HELP for sure if anyone in his or her normal senses would look at this matter sincerely. This is NOT an isolated case because, you can NOT count cases of racial abuse if you would have time to investigate it in public places and else where. We the foreigners and blacks to be precise, face so much humiliating treetment from Austrians and some yugoslavian-Austrians here in Austria. Even from the police who are supposed to be protecting human beings no matter their race or nationality. I have suffered much racial abuses here too and continues to see more everyday even from bus drivers. There are possibly few cases where some Austrians are mistakenly or wrongly accussed or racial abuse, which ofcourse is because most Austrians do abuse foreigners racially. And the fact remains that MOST AUSTIRANS ARE RACISTS AND REALLY NEED HELP.

  5. Hassan El Shafie

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  8. chery

    You guys are right am living in Austria but if i had a choice i would fly out in the next flight!The guys here are discriminalists,racists and think there country is the best and they think foreigners have nothing,or are foolish and know nothing.If i was the TV presenter i would have knocked all his tooth down and leave him as ugly as ever,shameless low class TAXI man!
    More especially Germans face a lot of racism insults,,TURKEY PEOPLE;ITALIANS,i wonder whats special with Austrians!some are so naive that i don’t even waste my time even saying hello,they know nothing about outside world,only read about the world in school,end of story!
    Some have never even flown by flight and seen the world,so stupid ego they have.
    Am black and am very social,i like people i don’t care if they are blue,red,white,black,or green.We are all equal and got the same colour of blood.And also to emphasise in racism,one man wrote on the internet please black people don’t read this because you never went to school!!
    That was a stupid profile heading from a stupid,foolish man who claimed to be an engineer!!
    Am not a racist and hate people who practise racism,racists are only stupid,foolish people with nothing but mud in their heads!
    A normal person with normal senses won’t even waste time in discriminating,i swear,if anyone calls me a nigga,he/she will learn a lesson the hard way!
    Please some Austrians,everyone is aware that you are racists,you better change coz it won’t do u any good…..and its better u change your way of thinking coz many Austrians gotta a typical mind..not exposed!!…i can’t blame u!

  9. kate

    chery, if you a aproach people with that attitude, it is no wonder you get negative response. BTW don’t you realise you are doing the same to the “Austrians” what you blame them to do to ” the foreigners”?

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