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Murderer moans about too mild sentence

austriaA lot of people are not happy about the mild justice for dangerous criminals in Austria.

But this time a dangerous criminal himself moans about a too mild sentence for his act. The man from Turkey has killed an 58-year-old man with a gun in Lower Austria and cut his penis off, because he was smiling at his wife.

After the proclamation of sentence in court he could not believe his ears. Only a jail sentence of 20 years for such a bloodthirsty murder? “I want to have the death penalty for me”, he demanded to the judiciary.

The Turkish man never denied the murder, and showed himself very proud for what he did. “My honour was in danger”, he explained in court.

The expert witness confirmed that the committer is not able to handle emotional conflicts. He thought if somebody is smiling at his wife means that he has a secret love affair with her.

– link: Turkish man killed workmate and cut penis off

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