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11-year-old boy smacked up 24-year-old child abuser

austriaA 24-year-old previously convicted sex offender broke into a guesthouse during the night, where a whole school class found a place to sleep during an excursion week.

The man was searching a boy for his sexual pleasure. He found his victim in an 11-year-old pupil, who returned from the toilet.

He did not know that the 11-year-old is a very talented karate fighter. When he tried to overwhelm the little boy, he was surprised by his brillant skills in martial arts.

The child abuser was seriously smacked up by the 11-year-old boy. After that he was able to escape out of the window.

His getaway was not crowned with success. After a short while he was found by the police and brought into the prison in Graz.

The sex offender already was in prison because of his sexual preferences. He was sent into freedom after a short while, and allowed to work as a pool supervisor[!]. Now he is in prison again. But for how long?

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