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Austrian Federal Railways want to sell railway lines

austriaIf you ever wanted to buy a railway line in Austria, this might be the right time for you.

The Austrian Federal Railways offer some of its railway lines for sale.

Following railway lines can be bought: Breitstetten to Orth on the Danube river (from 0,00 km to 5,857 km).

The line from Klein St. Paul-Wietersdorf (17.800 km) to Launsdorf-H├╝ttenberg (20.500 km).

From Siebenbrunn to Lepoldsdorf on to Engelhartstetten (0,400 km to 22,428 km), and the Lower Austrian railway track from Leobersdorf-Traisen to Weissenbach-Neuhaus-Hainfeld (19,610 km to 43,450 km).

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