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Chancellor Gusenbauer made a “bad” joke in Argentina

alfred gusenbauerAustrias chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer is a funny person who loves to make a lot of jokes.

But sometimes a single joke can be too much. Such a joke happened during his state visit in Argentina.

In a meeting with Argentinian politicans he said that he is surprised to see so much polticans in the late afternoon. In Austria you won’t find a politican working in the parliament after 4:00 pm.

Gusenbauers colleagues in Austria were not amused about such statements. It was not the first time for Gusenbauer to drop a clanger.

The Socialdemocratic party woman Melitta Trunk told that this was not a good joke. Also Gusenbauers red companion Josef Broukal has the opinion that “this was not good.”

Very angry about Gusenbauers statement was the female president of the National Council Barbara Prammer (Socialdemocrats). She refused the allegations of Gusenbauer, and declared a “clarifying talk” with him.

Also the spokesman of the Peoples Party thinks that Gusenbauer should stop to make jokes about his own country during his foreign visits.

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