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39-year-old Upper Austrian killed his family with axe

austria7-year-old daughter, wife, mother, father, and father-in-law. They had to die because their murderer lost money on the stock exchange market.

Only his sister and his brother survived. He was not interested to finish their lifes.

The murderer was working in the Austrian parliament for the Socialdemocrats. His wife was working in the ministry of finance. It was a rich family with a lovely 7-year-old daughter. Their home was a fancy apartment in the Viennese district of Hietzing.

Money was very important for the 39-year-old Upper Austrian. When he lost some of his bank notes in gamblings on the stock exchange, he decided to kill his family.

His first victim was his wife. She was killed, like all the others, with an axe which he bought in a property market. His 7-year-old daughter has seen the horrible crime and tried to escape from her father. The little girl was hiding in a cupboard. But she had no chance. The 39-year-found her. He had no mercy and she was also executed with his axe.

Then he went by car from Vienna to Upper Austria. His next victims were his parents. He killed his mother infront of the door, and his father while he was sleeping infront of the TV. The fifth and last victim was his father-in-law.

Then he went to the police and told what happend. Next to his victims he put “I love you” messages.

Pyschologists say this case is unusual, because the murderer has commited no suicide. The committer has a strong personality, and knew exactly what he was doing.

11 Kommentare zu “39-year-old Upper Austrian killed his family with axe”

  1. Andrius

    Whats going on?

  2. Athenati

    What a horrifying piece of news is this? It is really shocking to hear another fearsome criminal story in less than a month time after the Fritzel horror. What is going on. I mean, how on earth can love of money lead to so much blood shed? A man with no pity even for his little daughter!!!

  3. MacArthur

    What’s wrong with Austrian people?
    UN should consider sending in psychological aid to the country.
    There seem to be to much madness spreading there now.


  4. charandr

    He probably figures that since Joseph Fritzl will get off with a slap on the wrist that there isn’t much worse that could happen to him. Austria is a fine country for the likes of pedophiles and now axe murderers.

  5. maria hanke

    the love of money is the root of all evil. i think it’s time for Austria to get closer to God. we too have so many problems like financial problems loss of my husband i dearly love, owings in our flat , sick families in our country, and killing or commiting suicide never came to my mind because i have my God who gives me strenght and i always rely on His promise that He will never leave me. God is the only way. Austrians have to submit themselves to God and not only rely on their money. We Filipino Christians here in Austria are praying hard for this country.

    I am calling on the the parents of Austrian people to put their childre to Sunday schoos instead of doing such many sports etc. They have to learn about Jesus their Lord and Saviour.

    God bless Austria !!

  6. Dandelion

    “Pyschologists say this case is unusual, because the murderer has commited no suicide. The committer has a strong personality, and knew exactly what he was doing.”

    If he knew what he was doing, then Fritzl knew VERY well what he was doing, because he carried on doing it for 24 years, and he would continue to deceive people for longer if he weren’t caught. I hope that these two people are locked for life, and not just in a psychiatric ward to ‘rehabilitate’ them. The reasons for commiting such crimes may indeed lie within the brains and the neurochemistry of the brains. But since we are in no position to predict them or to know what exactly is going wrong with them, no attempt for ‘rehabilitation’ of such offenders should be accepted. They should be locked in for life, away from society.

  7. Diana M

    There are some seriously dangerous people in Austria. What kind of person murders not only their wife and parents but their DAUGHTER?! That’s just sick. Austria has a long road ahead of them to repair its tarnished reputation – if it can ever be repaired. Like Nazi Germany, Austria is going to be stuck with a label that may last for many years: a country that breeds pedophiles and sadistic murderers.

  8. admin

    @ Diana M

    Thank God the rest of the world is safe!

  9. elle

    we just have to detach ourselves from all the worldy things. learn to be closer to God one again.

    God will guve us rest …

  10. De

    I want to agree with Maria Hanke. Austria needs God more than ever. May all of this, make that they see, that they need God & without Jesus Christ there is no hope for anyone. He is the only way! the rest of the world is also dangerous, no doubt about it. in SA you hear about people being killed almost every day, but I am interceding for Austria 3 hours a week because I believe that God is doing something in the people’s hearts.

  11. Maria Hanke

    I have read my own posting now when somebody told me about it. That was really the saddest time for me due to the loss of my husband. I can’t really believe myslf being a new creature now. I have overcame my problems big and small and I am doing very well now . Thanks to God. I am really blessed. With prayers nothing is impossible. Let us be more prayerful and put all our trust to God.

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