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39-year-old Upper Austrian killed his family with axe

austria7-year-old daughter, wife, mother, father, and father-in-law. They had to die because their murderer lost money on the stock exchange market.

Only his sister and his brother survived. He was not interested to finish their lifes.

The murderer was working in the Austrian parliament for the Socialdemocrats. His wife was working in the ministry of finance. It was a rich family with a lovely 7-year-old daughter. Their home was a fancy apartment in the Viennese district of Hietzing.

Money was very important for the 39-year-old Upper Austrian. When he lost some of his bank notes in gamblings on the stock exchange, he decided to kill his family.

His first victim was his wife. She was killed, like all the others, with an axe which he bought in a property market. His 7-year-old daughter has seen the horrible crime and tried to escape from her father. The little girl was hiding in a cupboard. But she had no chance. The 39-year-found her. He had no mercy and she was also executed with his axe.

Then he went by car from Vienna to Upper Austria. His next victims were his parents. He killed his mother infront of the door, and his father while he was sleeping infront of the TV. The fifth and last victim was his father-in-law.

Then he went to the police and told what happend. Next to his victims he put “I love you” messages.

Pyschologists say this case is unusual, because the murderer has commited no suicide. The committer has a strong personality, and knew exactly what he was doing.

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