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Football fans are allowed to show Austrian flag

austrian flagAs the Football Euro 2008 in Austria and Switzerland is coming closer and closer, a drastic increase of Austrian flags on the streets is discoverable.

Such a patriotic development was a thorn in the flesh of some politicans and lawyers.

They have warned enthusiastic Austrians through the medias, that it’s not allowed to show the Austrian flag in or on cars. Only the Austrian president has such a privilege. A contravene flagrantly should be punished by a 5.000 Euro fine.

The result of such a capriciously law was a massive protest of the Austrian population. Now the Socialdemocratic transport minister Werner Faymann decided to cancel this kind of law during the football event. Austrians are allowed to celebrate their national team with the red-white-red Austrian flag.

Austrias Interior Minister G√ľnther Platter (Peoples Party) confirmed that it would be absurd to make showing the Austrian flag a punishable offense. “I am happy about the decision not to make it a crime”, he said.

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