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Don’t you dare to use mobile phones in Graz!

austriaYesterday local politicans of Graz were discussing if it should be legal to use mobile phones in public transports in their provincial capital of Styria.

The answer was unmistakable and crystal clear. It is a crime, and it’s going to be prohibited.

The prime mover of the “mobile phone prohibition” is Graz mayor Siegfried Nagl from the Peoples Party. It was apparently a big concern to him to make this law come true.

The only political party which is not so excited about this kind of law is Jörg Haiders “BZÖ”. “The mobile phone ban is absurd and mindless”, says the local council of the BZÖ in Graz Gerald Grosz.

But the BZÖ won’t have any chance to fight against the decision. Peoples Party and the Greens have the majority in Graz, and they want to have the mobile phonephobic law. The Greens only demanded that nobody should be kicked out of a public transport if he is using his mobile phone.

6 Kommentare zu “Don’t you dare to use mobile phones in Graz!”

  1. Dandelion

    This is reeeeeeeaaaaaaally absurd…….
    I don’t agree with many articles that gnealise Frizl’s or Hitler’s crimes to the whole country, but you people should first take a look at your laws for serious crimes, and stop bothering with silly bans, like mobile phones or chocolate (whih I think is now illegal to offer)….
    I really get angry to think that Fritzl will get a maximum of 15 years because his worst crime is rape, and that if he is convicted as murderer he will get 20 years max…
    What is wrong guys???? Locking someone for 24 years in a cellar is not a crime for you? Is it less serious than offering chocolate or using a phone in public transport? I’m really shocked about the trivial issues for which you are trying to invent laws, and you ignore the really serious crimes!

  2. Raven Sati

    Dandelion is right – Austrians seem to be a perverted race that cannot think critically. Best to send the police after tellecommunications “users/offenders” and let the rapists amd those that commit incest alone. Austria is sick. Sick emotionally, mentally, and morally.

  3. Austrian

    @ Raven Sati

    Thanks for your nice words. I just wonder which country you are coming from. It must be country of the holy and the impeccable ones, right?

  4. Chris

    I agree ! It’s an absurd to prohibit ordinary people from using cell phones in public transportation. I think it’s idiotic to even waste time to pass senseless laws like this one. What are the reasons for this kind of “official decisions”? In my opinion the Austrian society got trapped into hopeless state of social, and political affairs, which are a consequence of being governed by the liberals for so long.To me people in Austria are just like everywhere else in the world: they have their history, language, tradition, etc. As a professional musician, I love their arts, and cultural contribution to the world. At the same time I notice a pattern of behavior typical to the Central European nations: obedience, sense of order, acceptance, tolerance, politeness etc. Unfortunately these qualities, although positive, can also be very dangerous to the society that cultivates them without a necessary balance. They can create an easy, and almost unobstructed path to both human, and official deviations. I live in America now, but I was born in a neighboring country of Poland very close to German, and Czech borders. I’ve experienced three cultures while growing up: Polish, Czech and German. No society is perfect. Violence for example is a number one selling item in America these days. A newborn child here is almost constantly “bombarded” with violent images, violent ideas etc. coming either from mass media, internet, or from senseless video games and Hollywood films. In a commonly accepted “culture of violence” here, people are making fortunes selling it in different forms of cheap entertainment. The society loves it, and does nothing to stop it. The only good thing to me in America is a very harsh punishment for committed crimes. That’s why this country leads the world in the numbers of incarcerated people. Fortunately there is a strong Republican, and conservative political presence in America, that can successfully defend the society from the stupid liberals. If the country like Austria can change their political structure under the pressure from their people, this country ( along with some other Central European nations) can be an example to the world. Is it possible ? It’s up to the will of Austrians.

  5. California Blue

    Bravo! When people are as inconsiderate as most are while riding public transit, obviously a ban on “quatschen” is in order.
    There is nothing more annoying than having to partake who was laying whome and how last night. Get over yourselves and get some manners as most of us are not interested in your loud talk.
    BTW, @ raven sati, get a life! It is not polite to talk about other countries when ones house is not in order.

  6. sammy

    To every 1 who attacked raven sati….the Austrians will defend thier country but to others i say…i think Raven is living in this country and he knows what is he talking about…so before attacking him why dont you come and live in Austria for some time and then judge if raven is right or wrong.

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