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Don’t you dare to use mobile phones in Graz!

austriaYesterday local politicans of Graz were discussing if it should be legal to use mobile phones in public transports in their provincial capital of Styria.

The answer was unmistakable and crystal clear. It is a crime, and it’s going to be prohibited.

The prime mover of the “mobile phone prohibition” is Graz mayor Siegfried Nagl from the Peoples Party. It was apparently a big concern to him to make this law come true.

The only political party which is not so excited about this kind of law is Jörg Haiders “BZÖ”. “The mobile phone ban is absurd and mindless”, says the local council of the BZÖ in Graz Gerald Grosz.

But the BZÖ won’t have any chance to fight against the decision. Peoples Party and the Greens have the majority in Graz, and they want to have the mobile phonephobic law. The Greens only demanded that nobody should be kicked out of a public transport if he is using his mobile phone.

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