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Australian tourist went mad in Viennese youth hostel

austriaIf you want to spend a silent and peaceful holiday, you should not choose a youth hostel for your accommodation.

Such a wise understanding was totally ignored by an 24-year-old tourist from Australia in Vienna.

The young man was not able to bear the noise of a whole school class, which also found a place in the youth hostel. Several times he was talking to the teachers, that the pupils should reduce their noise level.

His act was not crowned with success. In the next morning during the breakfast the pupils had their usual sound intensity again.

Now the tourist from Australia don’t wanted to waste his time with words again. He took a knife and a knuckle duster, to force a silence breakfast by violence.

The angry man was arrested by the police.

3 Kommentare zu “Australian tourist went mad in Viennese youth hostel”

  1. Jason

    Go the Aussies oi oi oi.Oh by the way I am from Oz.

  2. borgduck

    So what happened to the Aussie yob?

  3. adrian

    i’m a aussie but find this action disgusting and Jason’s comments make him a just as big a dickhead.

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