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Westenthaler: “There is something wrong with the law in Austria”

peter westenthalerIn todays “Pressestunde”, a TV-show with a politican and two journalists, shown every Sunday morning on Austrian TV, the BZÖ politican of the “orange party” Peter Westenthaler, was talking about the Austrian law in relation to the incest crime of Amstetten.

He said that there is something wrong with the law in Austria. There must be a harder punishment for child abusers. Westenthaler also criticized Austrias justice minister Maria Berger. “She is protecting sex offenders and child abusers with low jail sentences and preterm releases from prison”, he told. The BZÖ politican thinks that Berger is ready to resign.

Westenthaler also does not understand why she is demanding a “second chance” for sex offenders. “The victim has no second chance either”, he explains.

The politican of the orange BZÖ party wants to have the most highest possible protection for children. That’s why he is going to introduce a motion of no confidence against the Austrian justice minister tomorrow in the parliament.

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