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The childhood of Josef Fritzl

austriaAustrias newspaper “Ober- √∂sterreichische Nachrichten” wrote about the childhood of Josef Fritzl in todays issue.

The second world war was over when he was 10 years old. His home town Amstetten was totally destroyed by Allied bombers, and occupied by the Russian army.

Fritzl grew up in very poor conditions, and lived alone with his mother. His parents divorced after his birth. The father left Amstetten was never seen again.

His mother was a mysterious woman. She always had to protect her eyes with her hands against the sunlight.

Little Josef was bad at school, and used to play a lot of football in the streets of Amstetten with his friends. According to the opinion of a former playmate he was also a very bad football player. His playmates used to call him with his second name: “Fritzl!”

Fritzls new life in prison: death threats and fear

There is a story about the new life of Josef Fritzl in todays issue of Austrias biggest newspaper “Kronen Zeitung”. Being in prison is not a new experience to him. At the end of the 60’s he was in prison for 18 months, because of several sexual attacks and rapes. Fritzl was also known as […]

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