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Josef Fritzl was a serial sexual offender in the 60’s

austriaThe first rumours about the sex crimes of Josef Fritzl in the 60’s are true.

He has raped a nurse in 1967. He entered the apartment of the nurse through a window, and sexually abused her. Now another women claims that she was also raped by the monster of Amstetten in those years, but she was too shy to go to the police.

But this was not everything in Fritzls past. Another time during the 60’s he tried to rape a woman again, but this victim was too strong. She was able to defend herself.

Not enough there is also one more note about a sexual attack in the documents of the police about him.

For those crimes Fritzl was in prison for several months. He was released in 1969, and moved from Linz to Amstetten.

All those criminal acts were officially deleted by the Austrian authorities after 15 years. In 1984 he was a man without previous criminal convictions anymore. The same year when he locked up his daughter in the cellar.

Now an uncleared murder case from 1986 is becoming topical again. The victim Martina Posch had the same face like Fritzls daughter. Austrias daily newspaper “Kronen Zeitung” compared the two faces in todays issue, and the similarity is amazing indeed.

A former friend of Josef Fritz told in an Austrian television interview some minutes ago, that everytime he tried to phone him, his wife told that he cannot come to the telephone, because he is working in the cellar.

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27 Kommentare zu “Josef Fritzl was a serial sexual offender in the 60’s”

  1. kudzu

    If Josef Fritzl is linked to the murder of Martina Posch, and if his 19-year-old daughter/granddaughter Kirsten Fritzl dies, let us hope that justice is served swiftly — execution, and not merely more years added to his anticipated prison sentence (maximum: 15 years) for committing 24 years of incestuous rape of his daughter now 42 years of age, and the imprisonment of her and her children.

  2. Tasia

    This man is indead a very Dangerouse man. He should be never let free again.

  3. George

    How many Fritzls are hiding in the secretive psyche of the Austrian society? If the state keeps blocking a part of their history due to shame, the society will never open up. For example, why is ”Mein Kampf” banned, while communist, nihilistic and even satanic literatureis available? Running away from the past doesn’t erase the facts, just creates environment conducive to like of Sepp Frizl.
    Austrians need to awaken, be naturally curious, open and friendly. And to the state, ‘The truth should set the people free’!!

  4. Mary

    This monster should be killed His daughter and children they in my mind all the time

  5. The Josef Fritzl Case - Annotated Links about the Austrian Incest | from the hip

    […] Josef Fritzl was a serial sexual offender in the 60’s. The first rumours about the sex crimes of Josef Fritzl in the 60’s are true. He has raped a nurse in 1967. He entered the apartment of the nurse through a window, and sexually abused her. Now another women claims that she was also raped by the monster of Amstetten in those years, but she was too shy to go to the police. (Austrian News) […]

  6. E Razvi

    Dear Reader. My comments will shock you first. But read it to the end to understand my point and not be prejudice. For crime like such a person should be stoned to death by the society in public. Then a person will think 1000 times before committing such a heinous crime. The solution is not that people will enjoy stoning some to death but instead avoid to bring a situation where our daughters mother or sisters are getting raped. If the punishment is cruel then the crime wont take place. But now this man who did so much to this lady, he will only be kept in a place where he will be treated. For other monster who are still hiding and are doing the same crime with his daughter might feel victory. So heres the solution to reduce the crime rate to 0.

    1. Make the capital punishment so cruel that a criminal thinks billion times before even thinking to commit a crime.
    2. The punishment should be given in public.
    3. Women should choose to dress modestly.

    I ask you, in such a scenario, will the rate of rape increase, will it remain the same, or will it decrease?

    Some might find this solution illogical and some my find logical. But if there is a better PRACTICAL solution then put it forward.

    May peace along with guidance be upon all.

  7. Richard Harrold

    I am a British teenager and a Roman Catholic. I was devastated to hear of the ordeal which Josef Fritzl’s daughter and their children underwent. I am especially saddened to hear that Kristen is fighting for her life in hospital: I encourage any of you who are at all religious to pray, as I have done, to your god/gods that Kristen may be saved. She does not deserve to die having only just discovered the outside world. There is proof from past cases that prayer has saved people who would otherwise have died, that after widespread prayer people have made medically inexplicable recoveries from what would appear to be fatal illnesses… Come on, Kristen, the world is behind you – please have the strength to recover!

  8. Richard Harrold

    As for Josef Fritzl, the only punishment fit for him is death by amputation of all four limbs without anaesthetic or anything being used to stem the flow of blood… then an eternity spent in Hell.

  9. E K Harrod

    Dead is not enough punishment for a man like this… Let him burn in hell for eternity!
    He should be raped by gays in the prison and locked in for unknown time.

  10. Breese

    How? How can a man who abused and imprisoned his own daughter for 24 years, only get 15-20 years of jail time? Shame on the Austrian government. What a sick world.

  11. joe

    How can a man sleep with her own blood,?? for 24 YEARS i think what the Austria government should is to lock him up with a gay and keep him out side all coming winter to die

  12. V

    Women should choose to dress modestly?!

    Give me a break. Old women, uncomely women, and women who dress modestly get raped every day by self-absorbed MEN who SHOULD CHOOSE TO CONTROL THEMSELVES. Men who rape have problems, as do men who are raised to believe that someone/something else is at fault for what they do, not themselves. Life is about choices, a person makes choices every single day. Some as simple as – should I walk to work or drive, and others more complex – should I lie or tell the truth. Only a person with a narrow and ignorant mind would say women should choose to dress modestly as a solution to male violence.

    With comments like that, one does not wonder why there are Josef Fritzls in this world.

  13. irene

    Leopard never changes its spots – Man high in sex will stays for the rest of his life.
    The person who wipe out his previous record is probably the same kind of perpetrator. Beliving his integrity – the authority is either sleeping or stone. He should be jailed for 24 years and make sure he live to suffer his ordeal.

  14. unbelievable

    What a sad story. How is it that we as humans are so slow to stop this type of behavior from one of our own. If we have a rabid dog or any animal that attacks a human, herds of us go out to shoot it. Animals that attack us that are kept in zoos are put down, no questions asked. This guy is a predator an animal that is too dangerous for society. I would say put him down but in this case my best suggestion is to skin him alive, make him live the rest of his life in his own handmade cellar with extreme pain. Just enough not to kill him. How is it that we continues keep protecting these type of people? Others that rape, kill them, no question asked. If you can’t control what is in your pants or your crazy thoughts you are a danger to society and like any animal you should be put down. 15 years for crimes like this, who came up with that? And what type of lawyer would even want to try and defend a guy like this…. he should be shot too.

  15. unbelievable

    “At the moment Fritzl is jailed in a two men cell in the prison of Lower Austrias capital St. Pölten. Austrian reporters tell that he has a good life there. Yesterday he has received appetizing apricot dumplings for lunch.”

    Well thank god he is not suffering…I would hate for him to not have apricot dumplings there. Heck, give him steak, lobster, and some cranberry pudding. Massage, sure, what the hell. If they were really nice they should bring in one of his relatives so he can have some crazy mad sex too.

    Ahhhh, the life in prison when you have fathered 7 kids from your own daughter, kept her prisioner for 24 years, killed, raped.

    What is wrong with our system? And people wonder why crime, rape, etc does not stop. What happened to stoning, beheading, electric chair, death by vultures, burning alive in a brass heated bull, drawn and quatering? O yeah, thats to terribe, but a 19 year old that is hunched over for the rest of his life wondering if the moon is God, not seeing his mom raped everyday, not being able to speak, etc is normal. O and of course he did not contribue to the death of the twin, you know he did keep them there for 24 years….

    I think they should give him a metal. I know I would.

  16. Easther

    My blood is still cold after reading about this monster!!! How can i trust anybody near my girls??? My heart aches for those children and their mother. No punishment will pay for what he has done. Where are we ending to???

  17. Becca

    In the U.S. we have crime, but we also have punishment. To give such a lenient sentence for the unspeakable crimes committed by Josef Fritzl is to re-victimize the victims. What separates humans from animals is our ability to have compassion–to feel the pain, suffering and sorrow of another human being. Fritzl is not human and should not be afforded the compassion of a justice system whose only obligation right now is to give justice to Elizabeth and her children.

  18. Michele

    Women should choose to dress modestly?!

    Again, I have a comment for this “gentleman”.
    It has always been amazing for me to listen to certain types of MEN in this world to tell women what to do all the time, because they know so much smarter. This especially comes to mind when I think about the religious fanatics too, but these men that are supposed to be so superior that women have to be told what to do and have to stick to their strict rules and dress certain ways because if what we as women might be causing them to “think” of…. SO in other words, these men can be in control of all the things they want to be in control of because they are so much smarter and better than women, but when it comes to the one thing they don’t want to be in control of, then all of a sudden we women have control over that now?
    Marinate on that and get back with us women …..

  19. Bob

    IS the photo that accompanies the story appropriate? Is it in any way connected with the facts? Isn’t it just a lurid stock photo designed to titillate readers? Does this online “news” website have any moral standards whatsoever? Are we supposed to be “excited” by a photo of a woman, in no way connected with the story, being attacked by a faceless man? What is the point? Would any decent newspaper present a story in this way? Will you have the guts to comment on this?

  20. admin

    Yes, the photo shows what happened in 1967, accompanies the story appropriate, and is connected with the facts. The photo should not titillate readers. I am very sorry if it hurt your feelings.

  21. Peter

    hi everyone Josef Fritzl is a pervert we should never let him out of prison for the crimes he has done he deserves everything he gets i reckon we should excute him after he done this to his own daughter how could you be that sick and perverted in that manner to treat your daughter like a piece of S***

  22. windyblue

    HANG HIM Neuter him, put him in jail for the rest of his life, with no windows, no cell mate, nothing, No TV no radio, he can have a toliet, and sink and bed. Give him his food through a small hole in the door, and that is it. This man is a wicked, evil. Man.
    And his daughter Elizabeth is in my prayers. And so are her childern. This is going to take years for her to over come and them too. I pray that she finds a very, very, safe place to live and has no contact with him every again. This man is an animal.

  23. fred

    It does not matter what they do to him because he already had his life. Since he is 73 years old, how long do you think he is going to live anyway. In his mind he has already gotten away with the crime. Killing him would satisfy most people, but that would be temporary. His victims were his own family, and it would further victimize them to know he was killed by the state. I have thought about what would be a fit punishment for him. But nothing the state does to him could possibly come close to what she suffered. No one could force him to give birth to his own fathers children. People should be thinking about how to help these people lead as normal a life as they can, and there is no way the state, his wife, the police, or anyone could have prevented what happened.

  24. Sue

    Unbelievable says it all….skin him alive…leave him in that dungeon with just enough to keep him alive and how about getting beaten and raped as the added treat for the rest of his life? He needs to know what it is like to scream until you are hoarse, in the dark and to be tethered to a pole like he did to Elisabeth.
    No light for him ever…just the TV in the dungeon…oh and make sure he can never stand up straight there. ever.

  25. California Blue

    Wow, and you Liberals call the U.S. death penalty cruel and unusual punishment? The only thing the death penalty prevents is a repeat offense. Unfortunately we have death row full of perverts, however they have a slim chance of ever getting the needle. Too bad!

  26. Paul

    Understandably, a lot of the comments here about punishment and retribution. Which I certainly do not disagree with. However another major consideration is doing what it takes to reduce the likelihood of anything like this ever occurring again. We have a subject captive for the next 15 years at least (far too short!!). How about we take this opportunity to study this individual (I cannot bring myself to call him a man or person) to see how his mind works, where it all went wrong, etc. Not as an attempt to rehabilitate him: I never want him out again. But to use him and his kind: Ian Huntley, Peter Sutcliffe, etc. to build up profiles for criminal cases. Also, to recognise symptomns in children and youths at a much earlier stage. Then they can be stopped from developing into such evil monsters.



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