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5-year-old son of Josef Fritzl: “the world is so nice”

felix fritzl austriaAccording to Austrias biggest newspaper “Kronen Zeitung”, the 5-year-old son of Josef Fritzl Felix, was very excited about his first time in a car when he was released from his prison in the cellar, and brought to his new home with the other family members.

For you and me it’s nothing special to go to work everyday, see the nature, houses, and other people walking through the streets.

For 5-year-old Felix it was the very first time. The little boy was born in the dungeon of Amstetten, and had to stay there his first 5 years. He knew the world outside his dungeon only from television.

According to the “Kronen Zeitung”, he was watching out of the car window the whole way through with open mouth. To a policeman he said: “the world is so nice”.

It’s difficult not to be touched by such a story.

51 Kommentare zu “5-year-old son of Josef Fritzl: “the world is so nice””

  1. Naruto

    Horror! But the society must be revisited too. People must learn to interact and be more open. Closed society give chance to evils.
    Elizabeth keep your faith and determination and God will be of help.

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