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Lower Austrian father locked up daughter for 24 years in cellar

austriaInconceivable case of incest in Austria!

A man from the Lower Austrian town of Amstetten locked up his daughter for 24 years in a cellar, and fathered her seven times.

The martyrdom started when she was 11 years old. She was raped, made pregnant, and locked up in the cellar by her own father. Officially she was considered as missing.

Three children lived by her mother without any medicine in the cellar. One died during the birth, and the rest of the seven children were living officially as foundlings by grandparents.

Unbelievable: the mother of the tortured girl lived all the time upstairs on the first floor, and had no idea what is going on.

It’s not clear yet how the victim was able to escape out of the cellar. One of her daughters, the 19-year old girl called Kerstin, is laying fatally ill in hospital.

At this moment the dungeon in the cellar was not found. The police fears it could be secured by booby mines.

All neighbours are shocked and cannot believe what happened next to their doors.

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42 Kommentare zu “Lower Austrian father locked up daughter for 24 years in cellar”

  1. eli richie

    Ibelieve this is a horrible thing that could happen anyone and this is why I believe that there is the possibility that all missing children between the ages of 9-12 specifically females in thev past decades should be given a serious full inverstigation, as there is the possibility that the same thing is happening in some parts of the same country.

  2. French Helpdesk

    This is really shocking and reminds us of old days when people did not care for laws or human sentiments.Such an incident is a blot on humanity.

  3. Pete

    He should be hanged!
    How can someone do that!?
    My prayers with the daughter and the children.
    Austrian police should visit every single person house because I strongly believe that there are still thousands still locked up in cellars by ANIMALS!!!!!!

  4. Greg Misakyan

    I think something is wrong with the mother, not finding out. I guess this couple didn’t have any heart and soul. Either she knew about it or she’s insane like the husband. I feel the police are responsible too. He should be stored in a different type of cellar, where there’s no sanitation nor sleeping quarter.

  5. marce

    I thing the wrong is about,the police,why they dont investigate before?????…if they do the job correclty this not happen.

  6. Bekim

    This is horrible think that a human being can do. To my opinion he deserves to cut some of his body parts and to let him live in the prison with pains all his life, because hanging is not enough. In this case the human being seems to be the worst animal in our Planet… Shame!!!!!!

  7. DP HAQ


  8. greeny

    We think than our country is bad, even awful… But this case and other(Natasha Campusch for example) are so cruel and horrible… I don’t know…
    Austria please do something! How can you let this?

  9. Diego from Argentina

    Austria have nothing to do with this nor athorities. This happens all over the globe by ill and monstrouses wrongs of nature. Nobody is responsible, but this is a lesson to be awake and to going deep in investigations and searching procedures to missing people.

  10. Diego from Argentina

    I wrote:

    Austria have nothing to do with this nor athorities. This happens all over the globe by ill and monstrouses wrongs of nature. Nobody is responsible, but this is a lesson to be awake and to going deep in investigations and searching procedures to missing people.

    Not blame anyone greeny, your country is one of the most respecfull and where law is respected.


  11. erin zupp

    This is not just one country’s catastrophe. This mentally, deranged individual is just one more that got caught. Shame on him
    and shame on others doing this throughout the world. Thank God he is caught. Pray for all the other victims that may never
    be found. There is a God and he wants ALL of His Children to be happy and kind and giving. Just because we don’t hear of
    other episodes such as this doesn’t mean it’s not going on. It’s hard to pray for our enemies but we must also do just that.
    We have to remember that God is the Judge in the end no matter what sentence this man will receive. Pray for his children.

  12. Julia

    One of the spokesmen refered to the accused as an “upstanding citizen” and a “gentleman”. That almost creeped me out as much as the story itself. Just because your old or Austrian, you don’t know what people do behind closed doors. The best abusers show the world a happy face and treat their family like dirt anyway.

  13. Gertrude

    This is horrible. This man should be to jail taken and kept in dungeon eternally.

    How many other childrens are being locked up in Austria? In so many other country in the world.

    to the poor woman and her childrens good luck and health we are wishing.

  14. Nia

    Wow, sadly these cases happen, something many of us will never be able to get our heads around. Im shocked but in a weird way, fascinated that such a austrocity can occur. He’s 73, what punishment could they possibly give him. I just hope that who ever the shrinks are, they delve into his head as quickly as possible cos there is some serious damage…and I mean serious DAMAGE!
    Gertrude, children are looked up all over the world…not just Austria. This guy has certainly taken the limelight away from Arnie!

  15. Dilbag

    should be hanged in the public……

  16. Dilbag from India gurgaon

    shuld be hanged in public…without any case registered..>>>>>

  17. Tammy

    I just think this is terrible big time… I mean sorry but when I hear of stuff like this I feel sick.. first off it is sick for a father to do that to his daughter… that is why he has a wife.. and children who are molested is sickening..
    There is probally so many more out there that need to be saved. I wish this world would shape up. Our children are not on this earth to be put through such horrible terror.. and I agree with Dilbag he should be hanged in the public.. what he did is not to just get life in jail …I usually do not agree with capital punishment but in this case I do.
    And think of the children or his daughter no schooling.. what does that say.. they are basically environmentally delayed bigtime…caused from that monster.
    I hope the austia police do search all the areas and peoples home as you just never know.

  18. Diane-USA

    I have questions………….How could the Mother not have known what was going on? When the “extra kids” showed up didnt she wonder why they looked like her family members? How could somone live in their home AND NEVER go in the basement? theres too many unawnsered questions. I WANT TO KNOW MORE ON THIS ARTICLE.

  19. Zafar-Singapore

    Is it true? A father can be so cruel? There must be a problem somewhere. How come a man visited cellar for many hours a day and her wife, adults living on upper floor could even guess whats happening?
    I know how many Rates living in my drain than how come the residents unaware of their surroundings?

  20. holly

    i really cant come to terms with this. how can this happen in the world. i mean how disturbed is this man? i dont beleave his wife knew nothing.they said he raped her once a day. am did his wife not ask why he was visisiting the cellar so much?also did she not hear babys crying? im really proud of her that he got away. i know it took her 24 years but she did it. you would think the longer time went on the less inclined she would be to leave. very sad. this man should be raped tortured and beaten for a very long time. prison is not enough. my thoughts are with this brave woman,i hope she survives.

  21. tracie

    I can’t belive this story, the man is evil, if he can do this to his own flesh and blood what else has he done, I hope he fears for his life as he has had no corcernfor his daughter, wife and his interbred children.
    This has really made my stomach turn he is a monster and he will never pay for what he has done , the damage is indescribable.
    what type of bred are we what hope do we have with sickos like him in our race . And whats more frightening there are lots that have slipped through the system, something drastic needs to be done.
    everyone stould be DNAD at birth and called in to do so at their doctors . if anyone is missing a full inverigation of there home should be prompt no matter what the age of that missing person.shannon was found with a family member, this should be comon practise, but the police seem to look in the wrong direction every time. This will ot be a one off case unfortunaly as the world is full of perverts, but the police need to concentrate and learn from this. I am so sorry for the daughter and her children as her life must of been unbearable and unthinkable, lets hope that this shock takes action
    I pray for my own children to be kept safe and for the children of otheres

  22. Canadian

    How can he only face 25 years in prison? It seems like there must be more charges that he would face. There should be a “depriving people of human rights” charge that would have a life sentence. It seems like people in government should create new laws and set prison sentences to fit this kind of crime. I personally beleive there is nothing that could be done to him that would be bad enough. I can’t stop thinking about this because it is so disgusting and horrible. It is messed up that some protestors in China would get life sentences and this monster might only get 15 years.

  23. usa

    This man will not survive in prison. The Austrian authority should be investigated, If the man was charged with rape of another female before kidnapping his own daughter and was never sentence. For sure, he was allowed to continue until caught.

    The wife did not know any activity took place below her house. Seven childeren, three that showed on her door step and one of the three with a note from her own daughter.She never questioned the looked door with a code only and all the building material that went down below to build this prison. The diapers for 3 of the kids,food bills ect…How about all the fishing trips to Thailand…Who took care of the kids that were prisoned ?

    Only 15 years for a crime like this. I’m scared to visit Austria.

  24. Tnette

    How profoundly and utterly sick and deranged this man (Fritzl) is.

  25. Lisa

    I think that this monster should not be killed because that would be helping him, he should be tortured till he dies… What happenned to this woman and her kids is disgusting. How are they going to adapt to the world outside. This monster completely messed up their lives. This also shows how we fell so apart from each other, for 24 years no family member no neighbor noticed anything? This is bad. God bless our world, because we are really in bad shape.

  26. Rachel

    My questions is, how could this go on for such a long time and no one notice? I mean we have all accused the wife of Fritzl for not being perceptive about this or not having a clue what was going on (for whatever reason this may be – I mean the kids that were brought upstairs surely would have some resemblence to the father or Elizabeth??!!), we have all wondered why if the police did a thorough search of the house, why nothing was found but what the general public and the neighbours? Why can’t we be more observant as a human race and question things?? What about people who went to school when Elizabeth was younger?? What about her friends etc what about the neighbours?? What about the shop assistants – I mean there would only be so many shops in a small town like that and he would have had to buy a lot of things if you know what I mean!! Open your eyes world – pay more attention. The police can’t be everywhere at once and yes they sometimes miss things for whatever reason – they are not perfect. We need to do our part – take an interest and concern for our fellow human race. We need to not be so consumed in our own world and lives that we forget about our neighbours and don’t have the time for them!! I am baffled as to how this can happen without anyone questioning this – what Elizabeth just disappeared from the human race and absolutely no-one in any shape or form questioned this – I mean I don’t know the WHOLE story but man it’s completely inconceivable how this went on without any notice!!

  27. Tasia

    I have been following this story since the moment it broke.. I have been Horrified for days now.
    I am disgusted with the Austrian Law.. How could anyone in there right mind think that 15 yrs in prison is all he gets for locking her up for 24 yrs and continually raping her? Casteration with a rusty spoon I think would be a way to start. SLOWLY!
    His lawyer is full crap when he says ” Oh, he is not a Monster!” This man is Definatly a Monster … He is just as bad as the Nazi’s .
    I dont buy the whole story that Rosemarie knew nothing of the fact that her daughter was imprisioned by her husband under the house. I understand that he was mean and cruel to his wife. But wouldnt you think she would be just a little curiouse about what her husband did in the basement for all the thousands of times he went there..What a terrible price her daughter had to pay for her lack of curiosity and courage.
    What was the Old Bastard doing taking Viagra? He is awfully OLD to be haven sex everyday.
    I will pray for Elizabeth and her children for the rest of my life.
    I am a nosey nieghbor,I pray for all children that are being held captive or abused. I pray for them to get the help they need.
    And they need to stop feeding him Apricot Dumplings that bastard doesnt deserve more than stale bread and stagnant water.
    Its like the Austrians are rewarding him for doing such a horrible thing..

  28. Matthys Moss

    As I followed the story of Elizabeth and her children I can’t help to think about the what must have happened! For all of us to try and imagine that very first moment when the BASTARD locked her up. What she must have felt. Then the months after that. How she must have cried her heart out. Pleaded endlessly for him to release her. Then the rapes and beatings. Then to fall pregnant with nobody to help her. Her childhood memories being shattred. It must have been like someone who could see and whose eyes were then cut out. Someone who loved to run and loved the outdoors, then sunddenly losing all limbs. What a couragious girl. I wish I could have taken her under my wings and showed her what human affection an love rally is. May she be blessed for the rest of her live with her children.
    I hope that all authorities involved with this case would make their lives endlessly unique and wonderful. And that the media will continue to investigate their story to make sure that they don’t just become statistics.
    Like a friend of me once said… the only monsters on earth seems to be humans – at least some of them! I am so greatful for all the good people on earth. Let we all fight evil with proper justice.

  29. raj, india

    dont waste time in judiciary procedures. kill josef fritzl immediately.

  30. Pamela England

    This is just too much for the majority of us to take in, it goes against most of our imaginations, I only hope that Elizabeth and her children can pull through this. My heart bleeds for them, as for the BASTARD I agree with the comment of castration with a rusty implement!!!!!! Even that’s still to good for the sick S.O.A.B.

  31. anna, melbourne

    several things come to mind about this case that disturb me. She ran away several times before, some people knew she was molested by this horror but no -one dared report it which worries me what sort of community she lived in. Also with the amount of food, nappies and children being left on the door step surely the mother would have sence of instinct to know something was going on especially knowing of his prior conviction. They generally say that in family incest cases the mother may know what is going on but turns a blind eye. I have been to Austria and found it to be a beautiful clean country where people are very polite. Maybe too polite and quiet to report this. I hope he gets time in the slammer and maybe some prisoners can put some heat on this guy see how he likes been in a dominated environment.

  32. cynthia Uk


  33. Esther from Cape Town

    Elizabeth, you are a Saint! We recognize this. Because more GOOD than EVIL will come from this atracious and inconceivable uncomprehendable situation you were in for far too long!!

    You are UP THERE in world rankings for bringing about huge change in the whole world:
    – we will love our neighbours more
    – we will help those in need more
    – we will pray for the lost and alone more
    – we will mobilize authorities to rethink their laws more
    – we will be better humans filled with more love!

    You are St. Elizabeth. You are now blessed. You will only have Heaven on earth now. You will know what human love is, peace, joy and fantastic fresh air! Your children will be blessed, happy and free.

    May you remain strong in your faith most special one!
    We the world, love you for your will to survive.
    We wish we can be close to you because you will have a saintly presence.
    May peace be yours for the rest of your life!

  34. Chashmum Khan

    i suggest only one thing… CUT HIS DICK OF PUBLICLY PUT SALT ON HIS WOUNDS AND MAKE HIM EAT HIS OWN DICK IN FRONT OF HIS DAUGHTER FOR WHOM HE HAD NO MERCY! and this is still a very small punishment in front of so many lives he destroyed. If I ever find him i will do the needful myself!

  35. from usa

    Ahh, what a great life, dig your child’s tomb with her help, rape her at pleasure, force her to have your children with no medical care or attention, feed her on a as needed bases…dig more because the family is growing, take vacations, keep them on a lease….etc. etc…etc ,

    O but don’t forget he did bring her flowers and would stay in the cellar with her and their children. He did provide them with some paper and some pens for entertainment. He did finally decide to allow the one child after going into a coma from an unknown infection to the hospital…as he said he is not a monster, he could have killed them all.

    Ahhh, and than to be finally caught and be put in jail, well treated and fed apricot dumplings for lunch. Life is good. I can’t remember the last time I had apricot dumplings. To have some pitiful lawyer who is willing to defend you and helps to come up with every excuse for your actions other than you should be encased in your own cellar and tortured.

    I thought the justice system in America was appalling but Austria what are you thinking?

    People rape and get their name cleared after 15 years? Serve a sentence of 18 months was it?? Who comes up with this, is it the criminals or the logical?

    When did we lose the ability to punish our own for the crimes they commit? When did we as a society become so caring and negligent that 24 years of imprisonment, rape, torture, murder, equals to 15 years of prison with apricot dumplings, health care, a window, etc. When did we as a society still give trial to someone and use the words “alleged” and “if convicted” when evidence shows 100% that they are his kids, there is a dungeon, and he admits to it. When did we as a society start to waste our time, money and energy to allow a lawyer to even try and defend someone like this.

    When is it time for Elizabeth and her kids to get justice? I sure hope there is a hell and eternal torture.

  36. naziela

    i am totally appalled at what this world is coming to how can anyone let this PIG still be out there he should be hanged or burned alive.

  37. Lynda

    Theres just so many gaps to this bizarre story that still need to be answered, I hope the press and the Austrian Public continue to push for answers on this tradegy.

    Oh and I would be requesting all Austrian cellars were searched, if I were in charge of the Policeforce, who knows who else is suffering out there?

    Perhaps a consequence or after affects of the whole Nazi party and world war 2 saga, will always be part of Austria and Germany for ever, – too many power crazy, autocratic dictactors around!

  38. Sarita

    As for the mother, how could she not know her daughter was being raped from age 11 on? I don’t believe that for one minute.

  39. Richie4eva

    How could the mother not know???…………. Come on she had to know! wouldnt it be a bit strange. Where did she think he was when he was raping her????………This is just really really sick and those poor children having to grow up like that how missed up are they going to be??? HE IS SO SICK! and the police should look in to the mother more (she had to have some sort of an idea!)

  40. Townieboy

    Omg he should be tourtred and hanged !!!!!!

    he is a Beast !!!!!!!!

  41. chez leaverland

    i cant belive that he only faces 20 years in prison when he locked his own daughter and 3 of her children that he fathered! for 24 years!!!!!!!
    it sickens me, i have read many news reports on this subject and most people are saying he eather should be given a death sentance(which i think is to good for him as it is quick and painless) or life in prison(that doesn’t actually mean life just a long sentance) and i dont want my taxes paying for him 2 stay alive! i this the bast thing for an animal, no a monsterous animal like him is a slow painfull death, like eather being burned alive, hung, or left to rot in a celler just like he thretoned he would do to his daughter and 3 of her children if his daughter didn’t have sex with him!
    it sickens me, i send out my prayers to the daughter and her 6 remaining children(3 of which where living upstaires with the father and his wife) i also send my prayers out to the wife as she didn’t know that anything like this was going on, she thought that her daughter ran away what she was 18 and joined a cult and that every fue years she would leave her children on their doorstep with a note asking he father and wife to look after them, but actually the father forced the daughter to write the notes and he left the children on the doorstep himself,
    god! if i ever saw that man alive i would hurt him SO BAD!
    i think this is the first time i have ever felt so much haterid towards someone and i havn’t even met the man!!!!
    how can someone be so evil towards any human being let alone family!
    good luck to the daughter and her 6 children i hope they can have a normal life, well as normal as possible.

  42. johanna

    i think the mum has something to do with it i mean she should of suspected something i mean when elizabeth was giving birth she must of screamed and her mum must of heard her screaming and hes only getting 20 years i mean he should suffer more den dat like being hanged and i think the mum should get some time

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