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Lower Austrian father locked up daughter for 24 years in cellar

austriaInconceivable case of incest in Austria!

A man from the Lower Austrian town of Amstetten locked up his daughter for 24 years in a cellar, and fathered her seven times.

The martyrdom started when she was 11 years old. She was raped, made pregnant, and locked up in the cellar by her own father. Officially she was considered as missing.

Three children lived by her mother without any medicine in the cellar. One died during the birth, and the rest of the seven children were living officially as foundlings by grandparents.

Unbelievable: the mother of the tortured girl lived all the time upstairs on the first floor, and had no idea what is going on.

It’s not clear yet how the victim was able to escape out of the cellar. One of her daughters, the 19-year old girl called Kerstin, is laying fatally ill in hospital.

At this moment the dungeon in the cellar was not found. The police fears it could be secured by booby mines.

All neighbours are shocked and cannot believe what happened next to their doors.

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