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Braunau: upset about a sculpture in German neighbour town

austriaThe 18.000 inhabitant town of Braunau is located directly on the border to Germany.

Only the Inn river and a bridge, can be found between Braunau and its German neighbour town Simbach.

Now those two towns seems to be in a serious conflict. The reason is a six metres long, and 1 1/2 tons heavy sculpture in Simbach, which is located directly on the river, and can be seen from the other side of the water.

The controversial sculpture shows a naked buttocks to the direction of Simbachs neighbour town Braunau. For the people of Braunau an inexcusable insult.

Even the vice mayor of Braunau raises his voice against the German provocation. “We don’t like it”, he says.

The Germans claim the sculpture is an expression of the freedom of art.

Observers say there was always a rivalry between the Austrian Braunau and the German Simbach.

Photographer: Vinicius Tupinamba | Agency:

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