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Tourists in Salzburg. What they are doing if they stay just for one day?

salzburgTourists who just stay for one day, are very imporant for the net product of Salzburg.

Those people generate an added value of 83 million Euro during the whole year. Now the city of Salzburg wanted to know what are they doing, and why they are coming to Salzburg.

The result of that inquiry shows quite interesting conclusions.

5,5 million tourists visit the city of Salzburg just for one day during the year. With this they create 1.800 full time jobs. The biggest profiteers can be found in the gastronomy, retail business, cultural facilities and touristical transport operators.

The average “one day visitor” of Salzburg spends 30 Euro during his stay. This seems to be quite low compared to visitors of a congress, or the Salzburg Festival.

The most popular activities of that kind of visitor are eating, going for a walk, and shopping.

81 percent of all visitors eat their lunch in a restaurant. 76 percent just enjoy to walk through the streets, and look inside the shopping windows. Every second one day visitor wants to see the sights and touristical attractions of Salzburg. 29 percent only come for a shopping tour.

The most popular months for Salzburg tourists to visit the city are August, July and on the third place September.

54 percent come on a day during the week. 46 percent prefer the weekend.

The average access route amounts 64 minutes. The average stay was noticed by 5 hours and 30 minutes. Every second one day visitor comes from the federal state of Salzburg. 30 are Bavarians from Germany, and 20 percent are visitors from the rest of Austria.

31 percent of all expenses were done in the commerce. 28 percent in the gastronomy, and 10 percent for touristical purposes.

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6 Kommentare zu “Tourists in Salzburg. What they are doing if they stay just for one day?”

  1. Sameena

    Hold off on visiting Austria for now. It is a beautiful country, I have been there. But right now it needs to show us it cares. There are too many flaws in the system. I dont think I will be visiting Austria in the near future, the country creeped me out with Maria’s comment, its strange laws (erasing criminal records after 15 yrs, a 15 yr sentence for rape etc), the incompetence and extremely insensitive comments of its officials (“he is a man of unusual sexual potency”- i guess raping and enslaving his daughter and grandkids makes a man in stud in Austria!!! Disgusting!!!!!!!!!), the failure of the neighbours to report Elizabeth’s childhood abuse, the failure to notice a dungeon in their midst, the failure of the cops to find Elizabeth ( a child of a known rapist) when she was claimed to have joined a cult. All of this makes me and most people around the world feel Austria is a land of creeps. But I know from my visit there that there are some decent folks there, these people need to make their voices heard and change their laws and the conduct of their police personnel. Until Austria shows it cares, nobody should visit this country.

  2. Elaine

    Kudos Sameena! Pass the word to everyone not to go to Austria…it is a country of apathy, criminals, bad government, child abuse, shall I go on! I’ve also been to Austria and would now not visit again. Hold off on visiting Austria is great advice. Lets first see how they will change and how their government handles this last disgrace!

  3. marylin harrold

    Absolutely will not visit Austria. If tourism is all they care about, Austrians need to do some deep soul searching. Sickening society to turn a blind eye to Elisabeth….

  4. Kevin

    The comments from Sameena,Elaine and Marylin are totally slanderous to the Austrian people who I find very generous and warm and very very trusting which is part of the reason Fritzl got away with what he done for so long although hidious as it was, but don’t forget he was moulded out of ww2 but you do get bad people in all societies who take advantage of peoples good nature, where I live in Austria (and no I’m not Austrian) they still respect their elders and take care of them and don’t just farm them off to some OAP’s home, Kids in the street still respect people older than them and give way on a footpath, they look after the enviroment and manage the land and yes they hunt but not cruely it’s an offence here to not avoid an accident with a deer or wild boar, these people obviously believe all they read in print, and probably hug trees too!

  5. Kantata

    I suppose that if we were to avoid Austria we would have to avoid many other countries as well. I would not be able to live in the USA because of the death penalty, the refuse to alert the community that there is a sex offender living in my neighbourhood and lets not forget out facination to bomb innocent people and when we felt that we were loosing we decided to drop the atomic bomb in heroshima! Dont forget that the USA and Canada also have cult like places that rape 12 year old girls and marry them to 50 year old men ( such as in colorado). The police do nothing, and come up with lame excuses. So fellow travellers I suggest you move out of your country and fly yourself to the moon mabye there you will find the justice and peace! Every place has weaknesses however, it does not mean that I will move out of my country or avoid visiting one.

  6. ajulu chuks

    normatter what people might say,austrians are one of d most beautiful,respectful and receptive people in d world,i live and stil living in austria,married to an austrian woman,every country and society have their own problem so austria can not be acceptional,chuks ajulu.

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