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Tourists in Salzburg. What they are doing if they stay just for one day?

salzburgTourists who just stay for one day, are very imporant for the net product of Salzburg.

Those people generate an added value of 83 million Euro during the whole year. Now the city of Salzburg wanted to know what are they doing, and why they are coming to Salzburg.

The result of that inquiry shows quite interesting conclusions.

5,5 million tourists visit the city of Salzburg just for one day during the year. With this they create 1.800 full time jobs. The biggest profiteers can be found in the gastronomy, retail business, cultural facilities and touristical transport operators.

The average “one day visitor” of Salzburg spends 30 Euro during his stay. This seems to be quite low compared to visitors of a congress, or the Salzburg Festival.

The most popular activities of that kind of visitor are eating, going for a walk, and shopping.

81 percent of all visitors eat their lunch in a restaurant. 76 percent just enjoy to walk through the streets, and look inside the shopping windows. Every second one day visitor wants to see the sights and touristical attractions of Salzburg. 29 percent only come for a shopping tour.

The most popular months for Salzburg tourists to visit the city are August, July and on the third place September.

54 percent come on a day during the week. 46 percent prefer the weekend.

The average access route amounts 64 minutes. The average stay was noticed by 5 hours and 30 minutes. Every second one day visitor comes from the federal state of Salzburg. 30 are Bavarians from Germany, and 20 percent are visitors from the rest of Austria.

31 percent of all expenses were done in the commerce. 28 percent in the gastronomy, and 10 percent for touristical purposes.

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