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Totally drunken teenagers kidnapped sheep dog

austriaIt sounds like an excessive and wild party night for four young people from the town of Scheifling, in the north of Austrias federal state Styria.

Three boys and one girl between the age of 17 and 21 years, were partying in their home town Scheifling.

Later in the night they started to party a bit too much. The result of their behaviour was disillusioning. They were thrown out of all bars and clubs in the town.

In their frustration they started to destroy sculptures and traffic signs. When a dog was running along their way, they caught the animal and locked it into their car.

The four drunken teenagers went by car to the city of Judenburg, which is 24 kilometres away from Scheifling. Their plan was to buy a fast food breakfast to the dog. The police was already waiting, when they have entered the fast food restaurant.

The boozers were arrested by the police. The driver had a BAC of 0.16 per cent. He lost his driving license.

Good news in this case: the owner of the sheep dog was able to pick up his darling on the police station in Judenburg.

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