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Viennese policeman denied help for knife victim

austriaA female taxi driver from Vienna was attacked by a robber with a knife.

Coincidentally a policeman came a long the road. “Help”, screamed the taxi driver, and thought she is going to be save now.

But there was one thing she hasn’t reckoned with. The policeman told her that he is busy. “Sorry, but I have no time to help you”, he told, and disappeared again.

The story sounds quite unbelievable, but was printed that way in Austrias biggest newspaper “Kronen Zeitung”.

Now the “Office For Internal Affairs” is going to investigate the case.

The commander of the state police for Vienna sees an offence against the code of honour of the police. “If a human is screaming for help, the policeman is not allowed to deny his help”, says the commander.

The commander confirms that if this story is true, the policeman has to expect the heaviest consequences.

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