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The sleeping rituals of the Austrians

austriaMore than two third of the Austrians need a certain ritual to fall asleep.

The rituals are diverse: cuddle, orange juice with milo, or a walk. But the most important ways to fall asleep are watching television or to read a book.

Austrians also like an exchange of endearment with the partner. This should also help to reach the “land of dreams”. The opinion survey institute “Market” was charged by a furniture shop, to ask Austrians what they have to do to fall asleep.

Ten percent read a book or magazine. Six percent take a warm bath. It’s also popular in Austria to drink warm tea or to go for a walk before sleeping.

One third of the Austrians don’t need such rituals. They fall asleep quite soon. Two percent drink a glass of beer or take pills. Another ways to fall asleep are to lay on the belly, drink a glass of wine, or orange juice with milo.

The satisfaction with the sleep decreases with the age. People over 50 years sleep much worser than those under 30. Also persons without any partner have a much worser sleep, than people who are married or who are living in a partnership.

The longest sleepers are women over 50 years. They sleep 9 hours and sometimes also more. The average sleeping time in Austria is seven hours. Persons without a partner sleep much shorter. Their average sleeping time are just 5 hours.

The typical early riser comes from the federal state of Salzburg. Upper Austrians love to stand up late. In generally people from Western Austria (Vorarlberg, Tirol, Salzburg) like to get out of bed much earlier than people from Eastern Austria (Upper Austria, Lower Austria, Vienna and Burgenland).

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  1. nicola

    very funny how you think about us 😀 i like this text 😉 best from austria

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