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Violence and riot during opera performance in Linz

opera austriaThe performance “Phantom Of The Opera” in Linz, was overshadowed by an orgy of pure violence.

Not only the football sport has hooligans, who are using the event to cause troubles. Now it’s also becoming dangerous to visit opera performances in Austria.

The organiser is very concerned what happened. Many children were among the visitors. The young families had to escape out of the building, to get away from the vortex of violence.

The main reason of the riots was a mistake in the organisation. Some of the seats were sold two times, and the owners of the double sold tickets were not interested to share the seats with their fellow sufferers, and started to beat the living daylights out of themselfes.

Only a task force of the police was able to separate the rivalling opera visitors and restore the order. It is not known if they had to use truncheons or tear gas.

The opera performance was finished under big safety precaution.

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