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Peoples Party wins election in Graz

grazThe election in Austrias second biggest city has a clear winner.

It’s the Peoples Party with 37,64 percent, and a plus of 1,52. The Greens win 6,3 percent, and get 14,56 percent of votes.

Winnings also for the BZÖ (Alliance For The Future Of Austria) from zero to 4,43 percent, and the Freedom Party with 3,11 to 11,09 percent.

The big loser of the evening was the Socialism. Socialdemocrats lost 6,05 percent and came to 19,84, and the Communist Party of Austria lost even 9,33 and came to 11,42 percent.

After the election there was a demonstration about the bad result of the Socialist parties, and against the two right-wing parties of BZÖ and FPÖ. Protesters were shouting “Alleanza antifascista” and “Nazis out”.

Policemen were able to keep the angry people out of the municipality hall.

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