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Austrian singles are the most demanding in Europe

single partnershipA new survey showed that a single in Austria has the highest claims on her or his partner in Europe.

Especially the Austrian woman has very high claims how her partner should be and look like. The Austrian man is more shy than the Austrian woman.

Austrians who are not in a relationship are usually searching for a partner, but they also enjoy their freedom. The “Single Study 2008” was made by online love agency “Parship”.

Parship asked 6.500 persons in 13 European countries between the age of 18 to 59 years, who are not in a relationship at the moment.

Almost every second person of Austrias singles, is a single for a long time. This means more than 3 years. The reasons for such a way of life are manifoldly. Some want to enjoy the freedom, the other ones are still disappointed by the behaviour of their former partners.

Austrian singles are optimistic. Every third believes the right partner will come. Only every eight single thinks that there is no chance for a relationship.

The most important thing of the Austrian woman for the partner is intelligence and exactingness. The Austrian man is just looking for a lot of sexual intercourses and attractivity.

Honesty, faithfulness, communication, optimistic attitude to life, and humor are appreciated by Austrian men and women.

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    Who on earth proofreads your translations from German to English?

  2. Jason

    Maybe you would like to do that?

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