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Aid organization: ethnic cleansing in Carinthia

austriaThe aid organization “Aspis” defined the deportation of several Chechen asylum seekers out of Carinthia as “ethnic cleansing”.

Some of the Cechens were involved in a savage street attack in the town of Villach on a young Austrian couple some days ago. The Austrian man was heavy maltreated by the Cechens.

The minister president of Carinthia, Jörg Haider, declared that he don’t accept such a behaviour, and he wants to set an example.

Yesterday the example was set, and the violent people were brought from Carinthia to Lower Austria. This caused heavy critics from the aid organization “Aspis”. Aspis is talking about “ethnic cleansing” in that case. The Chechens should be allowed to stay in Carinthia. 18 persons are affected by the deportation.

Austrias Interior Minister acts quick. “For the 18 asylum seekers who were sent out of the province, Carinthia will receive 50 new asylum seekers”, he says.

3 Kommentare zu “Aid organization: ethnic cleansing in Carinthia”

  1. Peter

    Have the people at Aspis completely lost their minds? Are they really willing to abdicate control of the country to foreigners? Of course, they should be deported.

  2. Raf

    I completely support Jorg heider in this initiative, all Chechens in particular should be deported backl to their land and the border surrounding it locked with barbwire. Those people haven’t yet arrived in their cultural development to the 21st century, they live and act by medieval standards in their own land and carry it with them wherever they go. I would support any polititian in trying to deport them back to their land and lobby Russian government to revoke their passports for any further traveling.

  3. ian

    If only Great Britain took the stance of Carinthia and kicked the criminal asylum seekers out,but here we have stupid lawyers fighting for the human rights of convited killers/rapists who are asylum seekers/foreigners.If you think chechens are bad try having Kurdish in your neighbourhood,im convinced Kurdish are the “missing link”

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