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Carinthia is the poorest province of Austria

carinthiaAccording to a research of the institute called “Makam Market Research”, Carinthia stays Austrias poorest federal state.

Styria and Burgenland are also not one of the richest provinces in Austria. They are barely infront of Carinthia.

The richest regions of Austria are accordingly Vienna, Salzburg and Vorarlberg. The biggest increase of wealth was found in Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Styria and Tirol. The growth in those federal states was stronger than the average in the rest of the country.

Socialdemocrats and Peoples Party are upset about the results. They blame the BZÖ politican Jörg Haider, who is leading Carinthia, for the disastrous situation of his province.

The chairman of the BZÖ defends Haider, and talks concerning to the research about a conspiracy against Carinthia. “The research is not true. Carinthia is doing much better”, he says.

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