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Salzburg: Hepatitis scandal in Austrian supermarket

hepatitis a scandal

Horrible news from the city of Salzburg.

13 customers of a supermarket in Salzburg were infected with the hepatitis A virus (jaundice), because they bought meat from the supermarkets delicacies unit.

The circulator of the disease was the butcher of the supermarket, which is located in the Salzburg district of Schallmoos.

The supermarket had to close immediately, after the release of the latest results.

Hepatitis A is a viral inflammation of the liver and highly infectious. The infection take can place through personal contact and food (contaminated water, unclean articles of daily use, vegetables and salad with faeces).

The incubation period amounts between 14 and 60 days. Usually one month. The disease can lead to death in one of 1.000 cases.

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