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Turkish/Kurdish conflict in Linz: supermarket burned down

violenceThe conflict between Turkish and Kurdish immigrants in Austria escalates slowly but surely into a civil war.

After the street battles between both groups two months ago in Innsbruck, a Turkish supermarket burned down in Upper Austrias provincial capital of Linz.

Witnesses saw two people smashing a shop window and throwing a molotow cocktail into the supermarket. The whole shop burned down, and caused a total loss.

The police is quite sure that they have to search the committers among Kurdish immigrants. Some hours before another street battle between Turkish and Kurdish people took place in Linz. Two Kurdish men were seriously injured during those street fights.

Now Austrian politicans think how to stop the violence between Turks and Kurds in Austria. They have to search the reason in the borderland between Turkey and Iraq. The Turkish army has attacked and destroyed Kurdish villages in Iraqi territory.

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