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Terrorist group of mobile phone lovers blow up callboxes

callboxA terrorist group of supposable mobile phone lovers in the Upper Austrian province, destroy public callboxes by blasting.

In the past days already 6 callboxes were blown up by those terrorists.

Maybe the same committers also blew up a bus shelter in the Upper Austrian village of Unterweitersdorf.

The motive for this kind of crime is still unknown. Is it hate against bus shelters and callboxes? It could be a terrorist group of mobile phone lovers who wants to destroy all callboxes in the province.

The police is still searching for a trace, but policemen are groping in the dark.

The time for public call boxes in Austria is over anyway. Almost every Austrian citizen has his own mobile phone, which makes most of the callboxes needless. The last ones of those callboxes and now blown away by nasty humans. A sad story.

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