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Austrian rail guard kicked 300 Hungarians out of train

austrian railway trainThe train called “EuroCity “Franz Liszt” came from Budapest, and crossed the Austrian/Hungarian border on Saturday.

A lot of Hungarians were in the train who wanted to do some christmas shopping in Austria.

On the border the Hungarian rail guard was exchanged into an Austrian one. His first act after the border was to throw 300 Hungarian passengers out of the train.

The train was overcrowded and those 300 Hungarians had no seat, was the statement of the Austrian railway “ÖBB”, which defends the act of the rail guard.

Hungarians are not so happy about that. The Hungarian railway talks about an arbitrarily act of the Austrian rail guard. There was enough space for the 300 people who had to leave the train. The Hungarian railway thinks the people were forced to leave without any reason. Only because the rail guard from Austria had a bad mood.

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