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Tourism consultant: Austrian gastronomy is not good enough

schnitzelHarsh critics received the Austrian gastronomy during a conference of experts last weekend in Salzburg.

A tourism consultant from Austrias Western province Vorarlberg, characterized the culinaric industry of Austria as deficient in terms of making eating and drinking to an adventure.

“Already small things can do it. Interesting folded table napkins for instance”, he explains.

Critics also about Austrian waiters. They are not charismatic enough for the tourism consultant. In future tourism schools should learn how to be a charismatic waiter.

At least the food itself is alright for the unhappy consultant. But he warns: “A good food is not everything. The Austrians have to improve their restaurants! Austrian restaurant operators should have the right feeling for music, lights and experiences.”

The man from Vorarlberg also demands computer screens on the tables, where the guest can see through a web cam how his meal is prepared in the kitchen.

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