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Billa: closed supermarkets during bank holiday cause troubles

austrian billa supermarketThe 8th December is a bank holiday in Austria, but usually because of the christmas shopping and its fabulous sales, the day became more and more a normal shopping day in Austria over the last years.

Now the supermarket chain called “Billa” wants set an example and remind on the religious background of the bank holiday. For that reason Billa supermarkts will be closed on the 8th December.

This caused a conflict with Austrias biggest shopping mall operator SCS, which is located in the south of Vienna. The SCS wants an open Billa supermarket on the religious bank holiday in its shopping mall. “We have a contract with Billa that the supermarket must be open on the 8th December”, says the spokesman.

Billa don’t care and want to keep its promise.

The only open Billa supermarket should be the one on the International Airport in Vienna. “Because international travellers have no idea about the religious bank holiday in Austria”, explains Billa.

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