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Fabulous profits: Austrian butcher sells pigs ears to China

pigs earsA butcher from Ried in Upper Austria has found a profitable gap in the market for his enterprise.

He sends tons of pigs ears to China.

Nobody in Austria is interested to have pigs ears for a meal. In China it’s a delicacy. Chinese love to eat pigs ears.

2.000 pigs are slaughtered every day in the butchery of St. Martin close to the town of Ried. The ears of the pink animals always remained, and were given to dogs or thrown away.

Now a better solution was found. Chinese people pay loads of money for pigs ears from Austria. So a new export hit “Made in Austria” was created!

The perfect quality of Austrian pigs ears get around. Japanese and Koreans are also interested now. It seems the market price is even going to increase in the future.

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