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Termination of pregnancy is not safe in Vienna

abortion termination of pregnancyThe government of Vienna worries about women who want to terminate their pregnancy.

Women who want to have an abortion are attacked and insulted by anti-abortionists, when they are visiting abortion clinics in Vienna.

The female woman town councillor of Vienna, who is a member of the Socialdemocrats, wants to create new safe area for such women.

Anti-abortionists cause too many problems. They call women who want to have an abortion “murderer”. By the Vienna federal law it’s not allowed to call someone a murderer, but the police in Vienna is not motivated enough to do something against that.

Now the Socialdermocrats, which have the majority in the Viennese government, want to create safe areas around abortion clinics with a massive police presence around the clock.

The Peoples Party is against the idea.

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