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Austrian police is worried about Football Euro draw

football euro 2008 austriaNo excitment shows the Austrian police about the group draw for the Football Euro 2008 in Austria and Switzerland.

Austria has to play in “Group B” against Germany, Poland and Croatia. This is the worst case for the security administrators and the police.

“A nightmare came true. It couldn’t be worser”, says one of the Austrian security administrators of the Football Euro 2008.

Austrias Interior Minister G√ľnther Platter tries to put oil on troubled waters, and calms down the fears of the Austrian policemen. “Our message is happiness. Come to us and have fun. We will guarantee the security”, he says.

The match between Germany and Poland in Klagenfurt is going to be hosted as a “high-risk-match”. The Austrian police has also made a very bad experience with Croatian football fans this year. Last month Croatian football fans were causing trouble at the airport in Klagenfurt, and last summer 30 policemen were injured after a friendly match of the Croatian football club of Dinamo Zagreb in Styria.

Termination of pregnancy is not safe in Vienna

The government of Vienna worries about women who want to terminate their pregnancy. Women who want to have an abortion are attacked and insulted by anti-abortionists, when they are visiting abortion clinics in Vienna. The female woman town councillor of Vienna, who is a member of the Socialdemocrats, wants to create new safe area for […]

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