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Broke and homeless man ordered three aeroplanes

broke and homeless manA 55-year-old broke and homeless man from the Northern region of Austrias federal state Styria is in prison now, after he hads ordered three aeroplanes in a value of 47 million Euro.

The Styrian impostor was also living in fancy spa hotels of Loipersdorf, Bad Tatzmannsdorf and Stegersbach without paying the bill.

He was caught by the police when he wanted to take his income support.

In June 2007 the 55-year-old homeless man went to a German distribution company of an American aeroplane manufacturer, and introduced himself as a future airline operator. The German company believed him, and he was able to order three arrowplanes.

A delivery of the arrowplanes never took place, because the broke and homeless man had no idea where he should put the three machines.

The man originally comes from the Styrian town of Liezen, which is located directly next to the Upper Austrian border.

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