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Austrian Santa Clauses against christmas shopping

christmas shoppingNext Saturday the association of Santa Clauses in Austria has announced to make a demonstration in the Viennese Mariahilfer Street, against shopping before christmas.

The boss of the association thinks that shopping before christmas damages the climate protection.

The Christmassy protesters named the following Saturday into a “don’t buy day”. The shoppers should think about their behaviour and stop buying christmas presents.

The Santa Clauses are going to give out pamphlets, and so called “presents quitclaim deed certificates”. By an official “presents quitclaim deed certificate” from the association of Santa Clauses in Austria, you can show your family and friends that you don’t want to have a christmas present.

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  1. Lenka

    Hi, I´m a reporter of Czech television from Czech Republic. We are very interested in austrian Santa Clauses for our magazine about central Europe. I would like to get a contact to Association of Santa Clauses in Austria but I didn´t find it. Please if you have some contact to them, It will be great you can send me it to my email address.
    Thank you very much.
    Lenka Drmotova

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