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19-year-old computer gamer beheaded himself with chain saw

beheadThe 19-year-old teenager lived in the Upper Austrian town of Laakirchen, close to Austrias famous tourist destination Gmunden.

In the past months he loved to play a certain computer game, in which monsters have to be beheaded with chain saws.

The police thinks his spectacular suicide was commited because he had problems at his workplace.

It happened last Friday. The young man locked himself in his room of his parental home, and removed his head with a chain saw.

The younger sisters heard the noise from his room, and tried to push the door in, but it was too late. Their 19-year-old brother was beyond remedy.

This kind of suicide is a mistery for the investigators. The suicide victim was a very happy young man. Policemen suspect problems at his workplace. The 19-year-old also played a strange computer game recently, in which he had to kill monster characters by cutting their heads off with a chain saw.

17 Kommentare zu “19-year-old computer gamer beheaded himself with chain saw”

  1. tyler durden

    Blah, Blah, Video games…..
    BS. the kids the idiot, welcome to reality!!!!!

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  3. Yo mama

    Real men commit suicide by cutting off their heads with a chainsaw.

  4. britt

    i agree with the first comment…

  5. wlado

    how did he manage to saw of his own head??????when u start, it can only go max half way, and he would colapse

  6. wendy

    At least it was his own head

  7. keith

    Yeah kids an idiot. But i agree with Yomama.. only a real man with some pretty big balls could do that.

  8. Mason Skulls

    GAME OVER … ……………………..00019

  9. Louise Jones

    Better he cut off his head with a chainsaw than have sex with a prostitute! The New York State Legislature may be looking into this as possible punishment for our soon-to-be former Governor. He should get off so easily!

  10. Tia

    You people leaving comments sound sicker than the person who committed suicide.

  11. Ap

    I think he just lost his head

  12. Aman

    Good for him

  13. Jigsaw

    Suicide is the worst choice… I have no sympathy for this boy. There’s always something you can do… or change. No matter how grim things may look at the moment, your life is in your own hands – always. Who knows why he did it… could have been some misery caused by meaningless human apathy… lack of certain “things”. Doesn’t matter. How you play the cards you’re dealt – that’s all that matters. I’m sick of people wasting their time… cherish your life.

  14. thaikarl

    another guy in Britain just did this also. story i read before was that man he fired up the chainsaw, locked it on high speed and allowed himself to fall forward on the chain. his own body weight kept the cut going. would have been pretty quick i think, but euuuuuuuu! you gotta really want to do this.

  15. Eddie "Chainsaw" Mercury

    That is terrible, but I do have to say that these video games are truly warping peoples minds.

  16. stihl chain saws

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  17. Drupalus

    Liebe gruesse aus Bayern. Wriklich schicker und vorallem Informativer Blog. Weiter so! 🙂

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