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Violence in schools: Austria on the top in Europe

schoolsNo glory for the Austrian education authority is a story, which was found on the internetsite of the Austrian Broadcasting (ORF).

The Austrian Broadcasting claims that Austria has one of the most violet schools in Europe. The title of the story: “Violence in schools: Austria is on the top in Europe.”

In Vienna 14 percent of the 11-year-old girls, and 20 percent of the 11-year-old boys are victims of aggressions, at least two or three times in a month.

Austrian psychologists demand “more talks” to improve the spiteful situation in the schools of the alpine country. “But expelling a violent pupil from the school is no solution”, says one psychologist. The pupil has to go to another school, and the whole misery starts new.

The Austrian ministry of education promised to think about a new strategy against violence in schools.

3 Kommentare zu “Violence in schools: Austria on the top in Europe”

  1. Phil USA

    We have the same problems with the kids here in the USA. They run wild in the streets! They don’t care anymore, they were not brought up correctly.

    You can’t spank your kid anymore and this is what you get in return.

    They is a big difference between spank and beat, so don’t get on my case about that.

    Add to the fact that there is no discipline in the schools or at home, the kids skip school and do what they want.
    The parents don’t care, they are either drunk or drugged up.

    The kids doing drugs like crack, can’t support their habit and so they rob, steal and beat people up and take their money. They have even gone so far to kill shop owners.

    We had a 19 year old yesterday kill 8 people in a shopping mall in Nebraska.

    I’m 57 and I am afraid to go out after dark.

  2. Valentin Idier

    Hello! I’m a french student I would have more information on the violence in austria. Can you help
    me? Can you answer me by Email? please. I’m interest by statisique and text about this subject.
    Thank you

  3. Valentin Idier

    hello! I’m a french student, I ‘m interest by the violence in your contry. Can you help me please?
    Can you answer me please? I’m interest by statistic or text about this subject.
    Thank you
    Valentin Idier

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