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Austria is a country of jealous men and the city of Graz is on the top

jealousA survey of the German institute for rational psychology revealed, that the most jealous men in all German speaking countries come from the Austrian city of Graz.

The survey was published in the lifestyle magazine “Men’s Health”, and realised in the 50 biggest cities of Germany, and the 5 biggest of Switzerland and Austria.

4.480 men between 18 and 40 years were questioned.

Austria is a place of jealous men. Not only that Graz made it to the number one, also the Austrian cities of Vienna and Linz made it to top positions on the list of jealous men.

The male world of Graz is close to the border of extreme jelousy, which starts at 93 percent. The men of Graz have a result of 91,3 percent. This makes them to the most jealous German speaking people.

Graz is followed by the South Western German city of Stuttgart with 89,3 percent, and Austrias capital Vienna by 89,1 percent. The provincial capital of Upper Austria Linz made it to the 6th place by 87,2 percent.

The less jealous men in German speaking areas are living in Switzerland and the Western part of Germany (Westfalen). The two German towns of Hamm and Herne made the last places of the survey (70,8 percent and 70,6 percent).

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