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Unexpected snow chaos in all parts of Austria

snow chaosThe early invasion of winter brings Austria up to speed. The whole country is littered with difficult road conditions because of storm and snow.

Last winter the whole country was moaning because of too little snow. This year the winter came back with double power. There is snow in all parts of Austria, already in the beginning of November.

In the Upper region of Styria, all cars had to have snow chains on the tyres. Some roads were even blocked, and one 17-year old Styrian died because of slippery roads.

In Vorarlberg some villages were cut off from the outside world. Many streets were buried under snow. In the Vorarlberg village of Gargellen a man was caught under a snow avalanche. He could be rescued and survived.

In Tirol 13 lorries were got stuck on the motorway and caused a terrific traffic jam. All 13 lorries had to be towed away.

In the Southern province of Upper Austria the heavy snowfall caused an electricity failure and many car accidents. In Salzburg the winter brought 70 centimetre new snow. 40 centimetre snow should be added today.

An easing of tension is not in sight.

Ein Kommentar zu “Unexpected snow chaos in all parts of Austria”

  1. Mick

    Well what do you know! Here in England we always assume that the weather does not affect anything in Europe. We get used to wet leaves bringing our trains to a halt but nothing seems to keep the tourists away from the ski slopes. I suppose 70 cm of snow is a lot to handle, even in Austria.

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