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Strache: extension of Schengen EU border is bitter christmas present

stracheThe leader of Austrias Freedom Party Heinz Christian Strache, assess the situation about the extension of the Schengen EU border as a “bitter christmas present for the Austrians”.

Strache thinks the extension of European Unions Schengen border in the east comes too early.

Andreas Mölzer, who is a member of the EU parliament, agrees in Straches opinion. “The extension is a danger for the security of Austria“, says Mölzer.

Austrias Interior Minister Platter is happy about a larger Schengen area of the European Union. Platter supported the opening.

Strache fears that the open borders in the east of the European Union will be used as loopholes for beggars and the organised crime. “Austrias security is not guaranteed. The extension is an assault on Austrias population. The European Union is far away from its citizens”, confirms Strache.

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