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Attempted murder: 720 EUR monetary penalty

attempted murderA very mild judiciary met a Turkish woman in Innsbruck today, who wanted to kill her former boyfriend with two knifes.

The woman was sentenced to a monetary penalty of 720 EUR.

During this years spring time, she attacked her former boyfriend in an underground carpark with two knifes. One knife was 20 centimeter long. In total the young woman bought seven knifes for her assault.

Before the attack she was screaming: “I am going to kill you, because you have destroyed my life.” The man is a good exercised sportsman of tae kwon do. He was able to defend himself, and disarm his former girlfriend.

The woman had a secret love affair with the married man. She became pregnant, sustained a miscarriage, and was left by her secret lover.

Violent art reviewer destroyed sculptures in Graz

A violent form of art critic happened in the Styrian capital of Graz last week. Two sculptures of a sculpture park were destroyed. It is said sombody might be involved, who is not happy about the work of the artists. One sculpture has the name “asocial daughter”, and was made by the artist Tobias Rehberger. […]

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