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Vorarlbergs citizens have no respect for the police anymore

austrian policeThe police of Austrias federal province Vorarlberg is worried and upset.

The citizens of Austrias most Western federal state do not respect the police anymore. The policemen have to notice more and more resitance against the authority of the state.

According to a public prosecutor of the province, the attacks on policemen increased explosively. Policemen in Vorarlberg get kicks, slaps in the face, and have endure vilely insults.

More and more citizens do not accept the work of the police. Most of the time the police get attacked during demonstrations and roadside breath tests. “The people have no attention and no respect towards state control”, says the public prosecutor.

Especially policewomen are very affected in the violence against their occupational group. “They must be tough and have to bear a lot”, knows the public prosecutor.

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