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Al Gore in Vienna preaching to tackle climate change

climate changeOn October 24, 2007, the newly honoured Peace Nobel Prize Laureate and former US presidential candidate Al Gore, paid Vienna a short visit before rushing off to Paris for a meeting with French President Nicholas Sarkozy the following day.

Invited by Mobilkom Austria, Austria’s largest Mobile Phone Provider, Gore was the keynote speaker for the mobile.futuretalk 07, held at the Arsenal in Vienna’s third district. The organisers proudly claimed that the advocate of international policies against climate change and as well as pioneer of the Internet, is the most expensive keynote speaker they ever invited for any of their events, with an estimated fee between EUR 100,000 and EUR 300,000.

“I have no plans to stand as a candidate for the US Presidential Elections”, he declared, though Gore did not rule out to return to politics in the nearer future. According to recent polls in the United States, the Democrat contender of 2000 would stand good chances in the primaries in the upcoming month, and grassroot activists, particularly on the Internet, hope to encourage him to stand again in 2008.

“The scientists who specialize in population and demography tell us that a single generation is 22 years, so that is the course of a single generation,” he said and added, “but it is true that what is going on right now as a result of the global warming pollution that we’re putting into the Earth’s atmosphere is creating a great threat to the future of human civilization.” The extensive fire disaster in California is clear sign that the planet is burning up.

More than a 1,000 guests, prominence of Austrian politics, business and culture listened attentively, and “enjoyed the event and exciting discussions at the buffet of Do& Co”, Mobilkom Austria adds in a press release issued the following day. One hopes, that Gore’s message was clearly understood by the selected guests.

Text by Matthias Wurz

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